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My, My, My - It's Been Awhile.

Worst blogger in the universe...

It's a bright sun-shiny Saturday afternoon with a temperature of 95F or 35C - take your pick. They are the same. It also means I'm not going out into the 'wild blue yonder' to check out the heat index. My thermometer is already telling me to stay indoors or I will die. I like not dying. Instead, I've decided to see where I've been lately by visiting my own blog. In doing so, I have discovered I am probably one of the worst bloggers in the universe, or at least, on this planet. I do not write often and not very much when I do show up to add something. Then again, it may just mean I've been busy with other things that are of more importance...

One of those 'more important' things is depicted in the photo above. In the left hand sort of corner you will see a smiling guy known as Beerman. I know him as my husband of (almost) 22 years and my bestest friend in the world. Yes, being an editor, I know 'bestest' isn't really a word. But, the statement is true regardless. You will also see a carriage drawn by a mule named Rocky (short for Rock and Roll). The city is New Orleans, Louisiana and it's Beerman's 50th birthday trip. Okay, part of his trip as we also traveled to Florida shortly thereafter. The point of the photo is that we took that exact carriage ride with a wonderful friend (also TP member) and her fiance (now a new friend). Rocky pulled us around as we viewed all of the haunted hotels and homes in the French Quarter. Since it was 95F or 35C at 10:00pm, we opted for not a lot of walking. We only had one night together to catch up on six years of past history but what a lovely night the four of us shared. Well, Rocky would probably disagree.


My, My, My - It HAS Been Awhile. And, I AM the worst blogger in the universe!!

I started this blog entry a year ago today and never finished it. It's now exactly one year later and once again it's Beerman's birthday. Sadly, he had to arrive in a timely manner at the beermine where he works. He also will be jetting off to Calgary, Alberta in a few hours to spend the next two days doing brewery-related stuff. Yeah, nice birthday. I do realize it's no different than the majority of the work force who do have to work on the day of their birth. Personally, I think birthdays should be considered a paid personal holiday and the employee allowed to spend the day playing, eating, drinking and doing what they want to do for 24 hours. That's just me. We'll celebrate on Sunday after he's had a good night's sleep at home. (Plus, I did put a small secret gift in his carry-on that Canadian customs won't confiscate. Didn't want the day to go unrecognized.)

I'm now sitting here listening to the Pirate Radio movie soundtrack and trying to organize what I need to and should do with what others consider my 'free time'. As a friend commented to me: "Oh, you'll be a FREE woman for a few days". No. "What am I free of?" is the real question. Though, she and I decided birthdays last as long as they take to celebrate them. So, Beerman gets an extended birthday this year - just as he did the last. This one just isn't as entertaining nor spent having fun in the sun, spent on a train trip we always thought would be cool (it was) and seeing surrogate sons.

Regardless, it is Beerman's birthday today and I have this to offer him until he returns 'en casa':



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