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Pirate ship, Olafsvik Photo by Utrecht

Pirate ship, Olafsvik Photo by Utrecht

All right you pirates, scalawags, plunderers, looters and just great crew members, this is your Captain speaking. Remember me?! I'm the one who holds the birthday roster. Anyway, it's time to celebrate once again on TP's Birthday Bash Flag Ship - aka the TPS Happy Traveler as it will be her last voyage. So, it has to be a worthy adventure. None of this "Let's just go to Bermuda. Or, let's just sail around Manhattan Island. Not good enough. As PIRATES, we need to voyage far and wide - see the world from an ocean's eye view!!! While we're at it, we'll also toast each and every pirate birthday on the pirate list. Okay, maybe just list the names, but still...

I have personally checked the cargo hold and it is filled to the brim with rum, rum, food, gifts, rum, vodka, beer, rum and more food. (It wouldn't be a pirate party without the rum.) Oh, and we're just awaiting the caterer to deliver the cake. While we await the cake delivery and actually leave port, our illustrious Admiral Beerman would like to say a few words. Well, there may be more than a few (we know he likes to talk) but they will be inspirational. They will be enlightening. They will be... well, words. Take it away, Admiral!

………….and in a flash of ridiculously bright green light, accompanied by the entire Beeristan Symphony Orchestra, complete with large chorale section, comes Admiral Beerman, resplendent in his finest ridiculously bright green speedo and massively luxuriant chestwig……….

Greetings and felicitations to you, my fellow beerthday pirates, it is I, Admiral Beerman, here to help you all make Happy at yourselves on this, the final voyage of the SS Happy Traveler-That- Will-Likely-Steal-All-Your-Rum-While-Singing-Happy-Songs-Of-Beerth. Is nice, yes no? There is so much your Beloved Admiral would like to make say to all of you, but it would take up entire voyage of Happy, and being Beerman of few words, I will make to be brief, at least until your Beloved Captain has re-filled the Beerman rum Flagon many times, then I may become more make wordy. Is good guess, no?

This being the final voyage of the SS Happy Traveler-That- Will-Likely-Steal-All-Your-Rum-While-Singing-Happy-Songs-Of-Beerth, Beerman may become with weep at Happy times we have all shared together. To make celebrate with you all on your Most happy of Happy Days has been an honor and privilege for your humble Admiral. Is good to make be alive, and to make Happy with you is way of least that your Beloved Captain and my nearly humble self could have made done. You have all made inspire in us to be travel people with purposes. You are all come from different countries….or as we say in Beeristan, you are all not from Beeristan. Nonetheless, the inspiration you have made instill in us to come see your beautiful places of habitation makes us want to hop on plane, or boat, or llamas to come see you in your native habitats. Oh Beloved Captain, would you make kind and fill Beerman flagon please? Now, where was Beerman? Ah, yes, inspiration. Beerman would like to salute each and every member of the Happy Pirate crew for your humorous participation in this Happy little Club started in your honors. It has been a complete joy to make Happy with you all, even if you are not especially fond of ridiculously bright green speedos and massively luxuriant chestwigs. You made Happy still, and it is for that I drink to you all. Please to not show in pub lic some of the gifts Beerman has brought you all over the years as they may not all be, what is term, legal. Thank you all so much.

………..and in a slightly less ridiculously flash of bright green light, Admiral Beerman disappears to make arrangements for Beeristan Symphony Orchestra, complete with large chorale section, to practice last songs of Happy………

Thank you Admiral, for those unique birthday wishes! What would we have done without you?! Okay, nobody answer that. Just nod your head in agreement. The Admiral is a very sensitive guy. He actually thinks he's been in charge of the birthdays all of this time. Why burst the bubble now.

Oooohhhhh, it seems the cake has been delivered and we can finally cast off! EXCELLENT!! Until we reach cruising speed, please make sure your seats are in the upright position and seatbelts buckled. Oh wait. We're not in the Martini Blimp. Okay, everyone into the ship's jacuzzi! It's time to party like it's 2011!!!!!!

As the TPS Happy Traveler hoists it's sails to begin it's final voyage to all the places where birthday people live, the Captain raises a toast...

"To all of you Pirates, so brave, loyal and true, I thank you for accompanying me on these journeys. Okay, there was a bit of whining at times but it happens. You have all been members of the crew I never asked for but one I have come to love and admire. I can't imagine sailing again without you. So, raise your glass to many happy birthdays that are sure to come and go."

As the Captain begins to read off the names of the Birthday participants, the Beeristan Symphony Orchestra tunes up for their rendition of the Beatles' "Birthday" song

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party
Yes we're going to a party party.

Please wish all of these TP members a very happy birthday of 2011!!

Daveh, Peter, Miles (Daams), Vegasmike
Abcdf (formerly Cocoa-chloe), Mim, Utrecht, Angela, Opospa
Jase007, May (Daams), Sam's I Am (Malia Daams)
Samsara2, Brendan, Snatterand, Benny (Daams)
Sam I Am, Tway, Bex76, SeeTheSky, John7Buck, Gecko, Areinstien, Q', Garry Moll, Mikeyboab, Galka_mak, Lil j, Ali g
Beerman, Purdy, James, Alicja
Arancia, Smythy, Soupatrvlr, Marlis, Pardus, Hien, Cupcake, Odysseas
Isadora, Wonkerer, Wotthefiqh, Clarabell, Baby_girl, Zags
Wouterrr, Dr pepper
Summer910, Arif_kool
FionaNZ, Rraven, Mtlchica

Thank you all again as it has been a pleasure. Travel safe, keep your sails to the wind and plunder (rum) when you can. Cheers!!!!!

Captain Isa and Admiral Beerman

ps: If I have missed anyone (known to happen), please let me know!!!!! Thanks!

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